Management of the Organisation


For the purposes of the management of its affairs, the African Packaging Organisation (APO) is guided by a Council comprised of one representative nominated by each paid up member, assisted by the General Secretary.

This nominated representative may be replaced at any time by the member concerned, by prior written notice to the President and the General Secretary (who will notify the other members).

The membership elects a President and Vice Presidentand these officials, assisted by the General Secretary, are responsible for the daily management of APO affairs.

The General Secretary shall be nominated by the President for ratification by a simple majority of the members.



At the inaugural meeting of the African Packaging Organisation held in Sandton, Johannesburg on the 28th and 29th June, 2012, the following were elected as the initial office bearers -

President - Mr Joseph Nyongesa, of the Institute of Packaging Professionals, Kenya -Term of Office - 3 years

Vice President - Mr Ahmed Alex Omah, of the Institute of Packaging, Nigeria - Term of Office - 3 years.

General Secretary - Mr Roger Cary-Smith, of the Institute of Packaging (South Africa) - Term of Office : Ongoing, on terms and conditions approved by the members

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Provision was also made for the appointment of a number of vice presidents, each with his/her own portfolio - but some of these persons are still to finally accept appointment.  The following have accepted to date -

Mr Sachindra Shetty (of the Tanzania Packaging Association) - Vice President, Marketing

Portfolio :

Promotion of APO in Africa

Visibility campaigns

Membership drives

Mr Kishan Singh (of the Institute of Packaging (South Africa) - Vice President, Sponsorships


 Assist the President in seeking and evaluating sponsorship options

Mr Kwesi Abaidoo (of the Institute of Packaging, Ghana) - Vice President, Education


 Develop an educational policy framework for Africa

 Standardise and operationalise training activities in Africa

 Evaluate education options and advise most appropriate for Africa

 Assist in development of a sustainable funding model for education in Africa

Mr Andrew Marthinusen (of the Packaging Council of South Africa)

 Advisor on addressing Packaging and environmental concerns in Africa

Vice President, Awards and Information (to be advsied)

Mr Ahmed Omah (of the Institute of Packaging Nigeria)


Assist in the setting up of frameworks for Packaging  Awards in Africa

Assist in the collection of statistics on Packaging in Africa


 In regard to conformance to STANDARDS, Mr Peter Namutala of the Kenya Bureau of Standards had been appointed as Packaging Liaison Officer (National Standards Bodies), with the agreement of his institution, basically to liaise with all Standard Bodies in Africa to make the packaging agenda both live and visible. He will be linking the National Standard Bodies with the local packaging stakeholders' institutes and the APO.